Marketers, your job is a wonderful balance between information overload, speedy creations, and barely enough time. Marketing in Shenzhen, let alone China, is no easy task. But if you tap into the right resources, work effectively, and value creativity, you can turn a decent business into a thriving one.

The Market Maker’s Digest is a brief curated list of some blog posts and articles. We believe the information here can help local businesses achieve their goals while preparing for future trends.

Here are a few jewels we came across this week:

Lyft Rides Get ‘Strange’ To Celebrate Coming of Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things 2’

Lyft did a cool promotion for the release of Netlix's Stranger Things 2

Netflix’s season two premiere of “Stranger Things” drops tomorrow, and Lyft is getting in on the spooks by giving its riders a “Stranger” experience of their own. Today and tomorrow, Lyft passengers can select “Strange Mode” on their app, which will turn the icons within into familiar elements from the show, including Christmas lights, waffles and the show’s glowing red logo.

Even better, certain lucky riders in L.A. and Philadelphia tomorrow and Saturday may get to go full Upside Down, simply by traveling in a Lyft car. From 4 pm to 9 pm local time, some Lyft vehicles will get really strange–and scary–with flashing lights, static, strange hiccups and more (the video above teases the experience).”-Ann-Christine Diaz

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We Have Liftoff: Eight Ways to Master a Launch Event

Jaguar uses VR to introduce public to new electric car line

“Ask almost any event marketer which event type is most challenging to execute and you’ll often find product launches at the top of the list. The struggle is real when it comes to creating an experience that accurately illustrates the benefits of the new product, aligns with the brand’s broader ethos and inspires attendees to talk about (and share) it. Is it a rigorous undertaking? Sure, but launch events have the power to not only develop new brand advocates, but rekindle relationships with lapsed customers by reigniting their interest in the brand. Failure to launch? Not here. Take a look at eight tried and true strategies for nailing a launch event.”

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Johnnie Walker’s New Spot Toasts Immigrants and Their Grueling Path Toward Citizenship

Johnnie Walker releases a new ad about the path to immigration

“Can the average U.S.-born citizen name one of the writers of the Federalist Papers? Can he or she remember which territory America purchased from France in 1803? (The answers are at the end.)

The latest installment of Johnnie Walker’s “Keep Walking America” campaign follows a young immigrant’s path to American citizenship. In the ad, “Citizenship,” created by MDC Partners’ Anomaly, a man celebrates with friends at a bar after passing his citizenship interview.”- Lindsay Rittenhouse

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25 Event Venues and Destinations To Watch in 2018

Here's a report of the top venues to book events around the world.

At EventMB we are all about rewarding innovation in the event industry. This is why we are introducing a new tool to select destinations and venues for your event. Click here to open it.

Destinations and venues are playing an increasingly important role in the success of your event. Attendee experiences are growing collectively. As the event industry steps up its game, attendees expectations evolve.

Picking up the usual venues or selecting unimaginative destinations is often perceived as a limiting factor impacting your registrations and event evaluation. In the age of live experiences, selecting a location that helps deliver your innovative message is sometimes the detail that will mean unparalleled success.” – Julius Solaris

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Customer Experience Is Defined By The Experience Customer’s Have, Remember And Share

“The funny thing about customer experience is that, for all of its good intentions, it is a bit ironic. Many businesses talk about the importance of customer experience (CX). At the same time, many are prioritizing investments in new technologies and touch points to improve engagement. But, when asked about their understanding of modern customer behaviors, expectations, preferences and which experiences in their life they love and don’t love…you get crickets.

All too often, customer experience doesn’t really start with the customer. But in reality, the customer experience can only be defined by the experience a customer has with a brand. And, it can only be measured by the experience they have in each moment and the sum of those moments. Said another way, customer experience belongs to the customer and it should start with them.” –Brian Solis

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