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Designer’s delight is a brief list of blog posts and designs that recently caught our attention. Cool stuff is, well, cool. And we want to share it with you.

Here is a glimpse at what we came across this week:

The Imaginary Worlds of Iconic Film Directors are Brought to Life in a Curated Bedroom Series

Recognized these bedrooms? They're from your favorite movies!

iconic movie directors are well-known for their unique visual styles and unforgettable spaces. a curated bedroom series sees the imaginary worlds of movie directors brought to life with refined interior designs. the movie directors represented in the project include sofia coppola, peter jackson, hayao miyazaki, wes anderson, and more.

as part of a design collaboration, homeadvisor has revealed seven bedroom interiors, produced by neomam studios, which each reflect a distinct movie director’s vision. through details such as wallpaper, lighting and bedding, each director’s vision is brought to realization in a distilled bedroom concept. these designs demonstrate what can happen when imaginary worlds and reality meet.”- isabel narea

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Source: designboom.com

Design Around the World: Asal Farshchi Shares Design Experiences in Iran

A picture of floral packaging inspired in Iran.

Asal Farshchi doesn’t just view design as a profession—rather, it’s a way of life. Designers offer solutions as a way of personally connecting with others, and Asal approaches work with this ethos in mind. We spoke with this Iran-based designer to learn more about improving design skills, the trends of Iran, working within limitations, and more.’”-Theresa Christine Johnson

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Source: thedieline.com

Brand Identity for Trasfonda by MentaBranding identity of transfonda restaurant

Trasfonda is a restaurant that takes inspiration from traditional home recipes and fondas of Guadalajara. Using local and Mexican ingredients, Chef Paco Ruano, creates a menu that honours our authentic corn, the maíz criollo, reinterpreting everyday flavours into exquisite dishes with a hint of modern cantina, where everything is meant to be shared. A unique word mark was created, to resemble a certain Mexican Revolution influence, along with a set of handmade stamps that create a sense of tradition.“- Meg Miller

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Source: thedsgnblog.com

The Most Important Design Of 2017

2017's design winner of the year goes to Nike for their pro hijab series

“In 2017, Nike caused a stir when it announced that was getting into the hijab business. Early next year, it will launch the Pro Hijab, a lightweight, moisture-wicking head covering for female athletes.

At Nike’s headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, designers were excited to tackle the challenge of creating a high-performance hijab that would make it easier for millions of Muslim women to do sports. But by crafting a product that was so deeply tied to the Muslim identity, Nike was wading into choppy waters. Within minutes of the product announcement, Nike’s hijab had morphed from a swath of high-tech fabric into a symbol of the empowerment of women and, simultaneously, their oppression.”- Elizabeth Segran

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Source: fastcodesign.com

Transmission-Field Tandem by CHU-studio, Beijing – China

New architecture drawing eyes in Beijing

“Regeneration of old housed- brewing in Beijing years, continuing intoxicating fragrance of the old winery’s secluded side of the road, outside of a large panel of metal grille wall, wine boxes orderly misplaced and interspersed among them, sun light penetrates to an aged factory building in rear, showing the depth of the elevation texture. This project, the Museum Of International Brewmasters Art, locates in the center of Beijing, a ruin of classical Russian structural industrial building. It is an epitome of a Chinese old brand, Dragon Seal Red Wine, experienced the vicissitudes of times and finally retired cause by out of date.”

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Source: retaildesignblog.net