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Designer’s delight is a brief list of blog posts and designs that recently caught our attention. Cool stuff is, well, cool. And we want to share it with you.

Here is a glimpse at what we came across this week:

Identify Pantone Colors from the Real World with the App Called Cone

New app allows you to identify colors fast.

“Ever been inspired by the gorgeous, distinct colors in a stunning sunset, the combinations of uniquely colored homes in a big city? Well, you can actually use an app on your phone to identify the Pantone Color and incorporate it into your design work.

Kushagra Agarwal developed Cone, a color-identifying app to create a solution to his own problems. ‘Being a red-green colorblind designer, it’s difficult for me to recognize or identify certain colors,’ he explained. ‘With the help of Cone, I could point my phone at an object and see exactly which color the object was.”

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Source: thedieline.com

MoMA Presents its First Fashion Exhibition Since 1944

MoMA presents its first fashion exhibition since 1944
image © thierry mugler, 2017

in 1944, architect bernard rudofsky curated a fashion-centric exhibition at MoMA and asked the question: ‘are clothes modern?’.  73 years later, paola antonelli — the institution’s senior curator of architecture and design — is reviving a similar discussion in presenting MoMA’s first fashion-based design installation since rudofsky’s.

‘items: is fashion modern?’, on view until january 28th, is a complex curatorial puzzle, comprising 111 fashion pieces that seek to express the ‘powerful and enduring manifestations of the ways in which fashion — a crucial field of design — touches everyone, everywhere.’”- Lindsay Duddy

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Source: designboom.com

Branding Has Never Been Harder. Here’s How To Master It

Branding Has Never Been Harder. Here’s How To Master It
Image: StudioM1/iStock

“The emergence of new technology has changed and will continue to change the identity design profession. Gone are the days when fluency in the Adobe Suite was as far as your technological expertise needed to stretch. The past few years have brought web and mobile design to the fore; now there’s VR/AR, and increasingly bots and artificial intelligence. Even if identity designers aren’t working in these mediums directly, they are increasingly asked to understand their value and their challenges in order to communicate them to the general public.”- Meg Miller

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Source: Fastcodesign.com

Airbnb Uses Current Listings to Theme Interiors of Expanded San Francisco Headquarters

Airbnb uses current listings to theme interiors of expanded San Francisco headquarters

“Home rental website Airbnb has taken cues from its listings around the world when designing additional office spaces at its headquarters in San Francisco.

The Airbnb Environments team collaborated with local architecture firm WRNS Studio to redesign the warehouse-like structure at 999 Brannan Street – an extension of the company’s main office at 888 Brannan down the road.”- 

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Source: dezeen.com

Solutionism – A Design Documentary

“Matt calls himself a designer and in three extraordinarily compact minutes, he explains the various levels of what “design” actually means. Visually layered in representation, Matt’s explanation makes connections to the inner and outer world that most of us have never thought of.”

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Source: thedsgnblog.com