In a few days, a swarm of startups and investors will fly into Shanghai for the upcoming Slush technology conference. Startups, this is your chance to present your business to a global audience. While media outlets remain alert for fresh stories and investors scope out the next big thing, take the steps to become a serious player in your industry.
  1. Come with a purpose. You already know the statistics. 5000 attendees, 360 investors, 120 media partners. Before you arrive, determine who you should know and why they should know you.
  2. Be aware of timing. You only have 48 hours to identify and establish the beginnings of a new, fruitful relationship. Make the most of your time by knowing the speech and activities schedule. If you’re going with a team, see what would be the most effective way to cover your ground.
  3. Be prepared. In addition to having an effective pitch, prepare easy access to any documentation and content that will reinforce your brand identity. Be ready to provide QR codes, links, and business cards.
  4. Relax. The more the prepared you are, the easier it will be to listen to others and let your personality shine through.
  5. Stay connected. Media outlets will be churning stories from the moment the conference begins. Set a small amount of time aside to check what topics and angles are being discussed. This will help you position your company to be relevant and valuable to the story.

Here’s a bit of what happened last year in Shanghai: 

Startups and investors in Shanghai Visitor trying out new technology product. Some interesting speakers on the slush stage. Thousands of visitors are expected to attend.

Your time at Slush can be defining for your company. Question is, can you make the difference?

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