Marketers, your job is a wonderful balance between information overload, speedy creations, and barely enough time. Marketing in Shenzhen, let alone China, is no easy task. But if you tap into the right resources, work effectively, and value creativity, you can turn a decent business into a thriving one.

The Market Maker’s Digest is a brief curated list of some blog posts and articles. We believe the information here can help local businesses achieve their goals while preparing for future trends.

Here are a few jewels we came across this week:

Conferences Can Serve As Friendly Frontiers For The Insatiably Curious To Play

Conferences can be better utilized by brands and companies.

“Your conference could be a place for your customers to experience unrestricted curiosity and play.

But most of the time it’s not. Curiosity becomes codified into bureaucratic traditional expert-centric instructional models—lectures and panel discussions. And that passive sedentary process actually controls and squelches most curious thinking. And forget play!

Authentic curiosity does not come from an external force. It comes from within. Ultimately, curiosity serves as the gateway to wanting to learn. And play acts as curiosity’s engagement tool.” –  Jeff Hurt

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What Generation Z Wants From Events Now

What Generation Z Wants From Events Now


“Prince Chenoa and Jacob Dekat are on a mission to empower teenage girls. The onetime models are now creative partners and the founders of Galore Media, a magazine, digital platform, and creative agency focused on Generation Z (those born in 1995 or later). The duo recently expanded their empire into the event and conference world, launching the inaugural Girl Cult festival on August 20 in Los Angeles.

Pre-event materials billed the event, which featured a series of musical performances as well as panels, as a “festival for kickass women and allies who want to come together and create a new vision.” Organizers aimed to create an environment that was accepting of all races, religions, genders, and sexualities. “-Claire Hoffman

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How to: Overcome Top 7 Content Marketing Challenges

Marketers can learn how to tackle common marketing problems.

Lisa Murton Beets, the content marketing director at CMI, claims that marketers usually underestimate the value and the importance of content marketing by viewing it as a mere project. She points out that in order to reach their long-term goals, marketing teams and organization need to be truly committed to what they do because content marketing is much more than just a campaign. There are always new challenges to struggle and multiple and new areas to explore to improve content marketing efforts.”-Maja Mrsic

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Analysis of 50 Billion Retail Website Visits Shows Social Media Still Lags

Article exploring how social media marketing is lagging.

“Despite doubling in visit share volume since January 2015, social media still lags in comparison to other digital marketing channels.

That’s one takeaway from a report by Adobe, released today.

The report — which was based on aggregate and anonymized consumer data from over 50 billion visits to over 250 retail websites between Jan 2015 and June 2017 in the U.S. — sheds light on retail trends in consumer electronics and apparel.

Online marketers shouldn’t ignore social, of course. It is a quickly growing channel, and a 100 percent increase over last year is a good sign, but other drivers are still much more important for retailers.” – Stewart Rogers

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Why Marketers Are Concerned That 280-Character Tweets Will ‘Dilute’ Twitter’s Marketing Potential

Twitter increased their character limit to 280.

“The company is testing the new format because 140 characters can be limiting and may keep people from using the site altogether. With more characters, ideally Twitter can lure in new users to keep the company growing amid years of missed expectations from Wall Street.

CEO and founder Jack Dorsey sent out a 280-character tweet explaining why Twitter is testing the feature, saying the 140-character cap “was an arbitrary choice” based on text messages, which were cut off at 160 characters in the early days.” – Lauren Johnson

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