To bring quality events to Shenzhen’s expat community…

…we need you. Events are all about brining people of like minds and interests together. ahaa is just one part of the social scene in Shenzhen. But with the right people and resources in place, Shenzhen’s social scene can flourish.

Partnerships are essential to us. Whether you’re opening a restaurant in Futian, running a tech conference in Shekou, or holding a painting class in OCT Loft, we can work together.

We partnered with TechCrunch over this summer.

Local partners

Local businesses are the frontline of the expat social experience. Diversity is a must when it comes to their services and products. After all, Shenzhen businesses are catering to over 50 nationalities.

Those are a lot of conflicting tastes and ideals to cater to. working together, local businesses and merchants give us the small details that turn good events into great ones.

In Shenzhen, one of our biggest challenges is keeping up with the status of businesses. The frustration is also felt in the expat community. and is often expressed in notes of gratitude or outright annoyance in WeChat groups. One moment, a new spot opens with the atmosphere, service, that people have silently been dying for. 6 months later, they close, move to another location, or are prohibited from doing what their audience enjoys (such as playing loud music).

We don’t let these challenges scare us away. Instead, we turn these into learning opportunities for local business owners in Shenzhen. Past, present, and future.

Local partners can receive data-backed audience insights, event content creation, and exclusive opportunities to partner with international brands. Our dashboard provides real time tracking for event and venue attendance, as well as customized reward systems.

With ahaa, local business can unlock reliable growth and partnership opportunities.

Ahaa has cooperated with hundred of local venues in Shenzhen.

International Partners

The presence of an international brand can represent many things. In Shenzhen, it serves as a stamp of approval, and as a gateway for the young city’s businesses to become global.

Major brands have sponsored memorable events all over the world. And for the last few years, we’ve seen their eagerness to enter the China market.

These brands bring a wealth of creative and organizational knowledge that can give Shenzhen’s social scene a breath of fresh air. Not only do they have the potential to draw out crowds, they have the resources to pull off unique events.

ahaa wants to help international brands by providing data to identify local partners and resources, organize events, and execute localized marketing campaigns.

Ahaa has cooperated with hundred of local venues in Shenzhen.

Non-Profit Organizations

Being away from home doesn’t stop one’s drive to give back to the community. With reliable non-profit organizations, we can create a larger social impact. It is important to connect expat communities to the causes they care about most. Whether it is an online or offline event.

Environmental protection and cleanup. Child welfare. Health and disease awareness. We all have something passionate about, and we want to help expats stay connected to that.

Non-profit organizations can host events and campaigns at an unprecedented level. Our resources, networks, and secured payment system makes us a stable and uncomplicated partner.

So far, we have partnered with more than 500 local businesses, 20 international brands, and 8 non-profit organizations. And we are just beginning.

We are currently seeking partnerships for the 2018- 2019 calendar. To inquire, please email us at

Ahaa founder showing app to Techsauce founder