Marketers, your job is a wonderful balance between information overload, speedy creations, and barely enough time. Marketing in Shenzhen, let alone China, is no easy task. But if you tap into the right resources, work effectively, and value creativity, you can turn a decent business into a thriving one.

The Market Maker’s Digest is a brief curated list of some blog posts and articles. We believe the information here can help local businesses achieve their goals while preparing for future trends.

Here are a few jewels we came across this week:

Four Big Digital Trends Impacting Travel & Tourism Marketing

Global tourism is making marketing strategies more exciting


“Once a forgotten-about resource, now an increasing number are actively reaching out to international travelers, and using their online presence to persuade and motivate people to visit.

But, how exactly are they doing it? Here’s a look at of some of the most interesting trends in online tourism marketing, and why certain destinations are leading the way.” –  Nikki Gilliland

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12 Quick Editing Tips for Social Media Managers

Editing social media posts is about more than correctness.

“From accidentally tweeting images of national tragedies to unintentionally making light of domestic violence, the world of social media abounds with cautionary tales of brands reeling as slip-ups on social explode into PR disasters.

And while there have been some truly horrendous typos on social (such as Yahoo Finance’s now-legendary inadvertent racial slur), even a less cringe-worthy typo can do lasting damage to your brand. Research by Global Lingo has found that as many as 59 percent of customers won’t do business with companies that publish content with bad grammar or spelling mistakes.”-Curtis Foreman

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Deepening Customer Relationships With Contextual Content

Content is the bedrock for marketing success these days

“In the “phygital” world that marries our physical and digital presences, content is ubiquitous. Only by offering content through the lens of context can marketers achieve relevancy to today’s uber-connected consumer.

Beacons, sensors and the Internet of Things (IoT) are moving marketing past the screen to the objects, places, and even the conditions (weather, holidays, sales) we occupy and experience in the real world. Contextual marketing will soon be an essential tool for keeping track of customers across devices, locations, and purchase cycle. Brands must begin experimenting now.”-Rebecca Lieb and Jaimy Szymanski

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5 Important LinkedIn Updates for Marketing Professionals

LinkedIn makes updates that opens more communication opportunities for marketers.

LinkedIn, as many of you know, is the world’s largest professional network on the internet, and is striving to keep it that way. To stay the course, LinkedIn has been quickly improving its product and adding new features.

In August, I received a LinkedIn Marketing Solutions email update about some “big new features” that were added to the platform. After assessing the full message, I learned that LinkedIn has added a variety of options and capabilities including ‘multi-photo posts’ and a ‘disable comments’ feature, just to name a few. This is exciting because it shows how LinkedIn is embracing recent industry trends in marketing and transitioning into more of a content-based platform.”- Tristan Esposo

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Reddit: The Social Channel That Will Make You Look Like a Content Marketing Genius

Reddit is a great place to learn what kind of content you need to create.

“Coming up with new and fruitful content ideas on a regular basis is hard. Really hard.

Getting campaign buy-in from your boss, clients, or team is a hurdle too. You can transform the painstaking process of coming up with great (potentially viral) content using the social news hub, Reddit.

Reddit’s value as a source of inspiration was reaffirmed this year when I attended MozCon for the first time. There were so many fantastic speakers and topics I could write about, but Daniel Russell, the Digital Marketing Manager at Go Fish Digital, captured my attention with an intriguing talk about using Reddit as a tool to help inspire, inform, and curate new and creative content for your marketing team or client.” – Danica Benson

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