In Shenzhen, the speed of technology and development plunges newcomers and veteran expatriates into a slew of online and mobile resources. Food, household items, taxis, and more can be found at anytime.

Quality is hard to find, though.

It doesn’t take long to get going in this city. Once you get familiar with WeChat, Shenzhen Party, and Shenzhen Stuff, a wave of event notices and invitations flood your digital inboxes.

Despite all the events that happen here, Shenzhen is still known as relatively “boring”.

When the growing metropolis draws comparisons with other top tier Chinese cities—Shanghai and Beijing—Shenzhen fails to spring as much excitement. Unless you’re interested in technology, startups, and conferences.  It is common for people to reserve free time to visit Hong Kong—a place where one can truly enjoy his or herself.

Do people feel like they can’t fully enjoy themselves in Shenzhen? Not really. Hong Kong always has activities, as does Shenzhen. Both places host a variety of nationalities who are open to experiencing new and familiar things.

So what is plaguing Shenzhen’s social scene? Why aren’t people coming to your events? There are three possibilities. Your business is either:  too hard to find, too hard to learn about, and/or not trustworthy.

Be Easy to Find

Position your business where people go to find things to do. In addition, optimize your listings to make it easy for your audience to find what they might be interested in.

Upon reading this, your first thought might be your WeChat group or official account. However, there is a huge difference between the number of people who use WeChat, and those who go to your official account.


WeChat user schedule

If the typical WeChat user day consists of scrolling through dozens of moments at a time, and you’re not personally friends with all your current and prospective customer base, then how do you expect them to see your listing quickly?

WeChat is primarily used as a communication platform, not a promotional one. So, if your event isn’t already the talk of the town, chances are you won’t get the attention of new prospects.

Ahaa showcases your listing to everyone who is looking for something to do. And users can find what they want quickly. There are 25 tags users can choose from to increase search satisfaction. At the same time, the user gets a comprehensive look at what’s happening in Shenzhen.

Ahaa has 25 tags the user chance choose from.
Just a few interests the user can choose from.

When an individual can tailor their search according their interests, the event discovery experience becomes more personal. In a city as dynamic as Shenzhen, expats and travelers don’t need the extra stress of trying to find you. So list your event or venue somewhere that is reliable, stable, and simple for your audience to use. Don’t know where to look? Start here.

Be Easy to Learn About

Provide custom quality content that tells readers who you are and why they should care. Not why YOU care.

Too often are there listings with a catchy title or photo, only to lead an overload of or unimportant information. Sometimes, the description is a bit easier to digest, until I come across the most generic promises a business could make. “Best event of the year” and “Deliciously magnificent” are just a couple phrases that deserve an eye roll.

Much of the event and venue related content fail to effectively inform or entice the reader. Actually, the content is more likely to annoy them, which is always a bad way to start a relationship.

61% of consumers say that they are more likely to buy from a company that provide custom content. When piecing the words and visuals together, meaningful communication should remain a top priority across all channels.


Consumers are swayed by company content when making purchase decisions.

Aside from contact details, talk about the products and services your business offers, along with a venue description that allows the reader to picture his or herself there.

Take it a step further. Start a blog or create visual content that gives interested parties an insight to your company.

No matter where you post your content, make sure you link it back to your website or include a QR code that will bring them to a community group. The more ways you provide people to learn about your business, the more influence it will have.

Be Easy to Trust

Either you can build your business’ reputation, or you can let others do it.

After finding an event to consider, the prospect shares the event with their friends and social media groups to see what others think. This invites the good, the bad, and the ugly experiences to show themselves.

If your business doesn’t give off the right impression or lacks a representative community, then one bad experience can be enough to stain your image.

According to Markdebrand report, 71% of consumers share information about the experience with their peers and family members. That experience begins at the point of first contact: your listing.


This means it is critical to make a good impression, and Ahaa can help you do that. All listed venues and events adhere to a set of standards that have been proven to captivate, engage, and convert.

But it’s not enough to just promote. You have to get others to support your business in public and private.

Your business must establish a genuine sense of care with its customers. Managers should know how to match the business’s impressions with customer expectations. From there, fruitful relationships become easier to form. As satisfaction levels rise, people are more likely to trust you.

Quality restaurants and events are easy to find, learn about, and trust. They have an easier time increasing their customer base and repeat purchases. If these are two areas your business struggles with, let Ahaa help.