Finally! A handy way to discover all the events and places the city has to offer.

Ahaa’s mobile app is more than an event discovery platform. It’s your VIP access to over 500 venues, your personal activities curator, your scoop behind what’s hot and what’s next. Shenzhen’s social and nightlife scenes are growing fast and wide, and we want to bring the fun to you. In just a few minutes of using Ahaa, you’ll find three things:


1. Events: Enjoy what you love.

Is it your first time in Shenzhen? Do you have children? Been in Shenzhen for a few years and need something new?  There’s an event for you, and there are two ways to find them: 

Gif showing how to search for an event






Method 1: Search Bar

Know what you are in the mood for? Type the keyword into the search bar on the home screen, and press search.

Your results will show a list of past and upcoming events, or venues that are related to your keyword.








Gif showing how to find events using plans feature







Method 2: Plans

See a personalized list of what’s happening based on your interests, current location, and desired time to go.

Simply click on the ‘Explore’ tab at the bottom of the screen, then select ‘Plans’ from the top navigation bar.








2. Venues: Be where you love.

Find a new place to hang out when you get tired of doing the same old thing. Or venture into new territory (not Hong Kong) using Ahaa as your local social guide. There are two easy ways for you to find places:

Gif showing how to find venues using search function.






Method 1: Search Bar

On the homepage, simply type in the area of the city or name of city  you want to go.

You will receive a list of venues located in your desired destination and its surrounding area.







How to find venues using the discover function





Method 2: Explore- Discover

The Discover option opens a map and let’s you see venues all over the city.

Simply click on the ‘Explore’ tab at the bottom of the screen, then select ‘Discover’ from the top navigation bar.

Each location marker indicates a venue listed with Ahaa. Simply click one to see more information, including location, daily meal and drink specials, and upcoming events.




3. Stories: Keep up with the latest news and trends.

You will also get exclusive content from Ahaa about the people, places, and events that drive your city forward.

Gif showing how to find stories under explore tab.








To find stories, hit the ‘Explore’ tab at the bottom of the app, then select ‘Stories’ from the top navigation bar.








Don’t see one of your favorites on our app? Don’t worry! We’re constantly updating our database. If your spot isn’t here yet, it soon will be.

Now, you know what Ahaa has to offer. Download the app from here today to catch the latest exclusive deals.