On August 4th, a group of 22 people came together for some necessary R+R (rest and relaxation). Although Huizhou was our destination, the fun started long before arriving there.

We turned our bus in a mobile football (or soccer, whatever you call it) stadium, packed with a cooler bar, footballs, and the latest in house and hip-hop music. The mixed bag of attendees represented a wide range of interests and professions. From fitness to robotics to design, these minds were some of Guangdong’s finest.

We wasted no time in making our way to the beachside. After arriving at the hotel, we quickly changed our clothes to welcome the water and sand. It was just before sunset, and the weather in Huizhou was perfect. It was a ripe time to play, and all the toys came out. An Insta360 camera, a DJI drone, frisbee, soccer ball, and more. It didn’t take long for everyone’s inner-child to come out and play.

Ping pong was just one of the fun activities on the beach.


That first evening concluded with grilling skills being put to the test. A more than generous spread of seafood, meat, and vegetables was provided. The two-and-a-half-hour bus ride followed by a bit of beachside fun definitely worked up an appetite. So, when I say none of that food was wasted, you better believe it.

Everyone reconvened the following day for brunch next to the water. Good vibes continued to spill over from the previous night’s laughs and the early morning insights. When we finished lunch, we made our way to the docks to get ready to sail the waters.

Each sailboat held a maximum of 6 passengers. This presented a great opportunity for people to know each other better. The intermittent silence balanced our attention between each other and the large school of tiny fish that greeted us by flying out of the water.

When we returned to land, it was time to say goodbye to Huizhou. The bus ride back to Shenzhen was quieter. The atmosphere was settled, but teemed with a euphoria from a well-deserved break and newly formed connections.

Picture of sunset in Huizhou, right outside of Shenzhen


Why did we do this beach getaway?

Because go-getters need to rest, too. That may not always mean sleeping, though. It could mean a break from their regularly scheduled programming (work), or trying something new and random. Whatever it is, Ahaa aims to bring people to the activities that will reinvigorate them.

No, it’s not a “networking” event. Instead, you can think of it as a unique, brief getaway with perfect strangers.

At Ahaa, we believe the most incredible things result from the meeting of like and different minds. We want people to take advantage of our trips to hear stories that surprise, to make unexpected connections, and to color one’s perspective.

Want to join us? Look out for an announcement on Ahaa Stories. We’d love to see you at the next one.

Ahaa beach experience was a success!