As the nightlife and social scenes in Shenzhen continue to grow, partygoers, corporate loungers, and happy hour enthusiasts are becoming pickier about where and how they spend their time.

Though it seems challenging, this is actually good news for merchants and event organizers. You have the power to control your image. But if you don’t know how to attract people, then you’re in trouble.

With Ahaa, you can make your event or venue enticing, alluring, and irresistible in three ways: 

1. Use Eye-Catching Photos

You wouldn’t plan a boring event, so why should your promotional photos look that way? Show the color, lights, activity, and expressions you will deliver.

The subject of the photo should be relevant to your event. If you are having a party for Halloween, use a picture from the previous year’s Halloween event, or one where people are dressed in costumes. Or if you are having a happy hour special, use a photo with people drinking, smiling, and clearly having a good time in their work clothes.

Make sure to use high definition photos to maintain a crisp look on desktop and mobile devices. No matter how good the photo subject is, its power is lost if it appears too grainy and unclear.

A drink-friendly social time with laughter and good conversation.

2. Breathe Life to your Listing with Videos

Videos are the quickest and easiest way for people to get a taste of your experience.

Before you record anything, think about what you want to show. You already know the what the evening’s highlights are, so what is the best way to capture those moments. Is the lighting sufficient? Do you have the best angle? Do you need to rely on staff to capture candid moments you may miss?

Similar to your photos, ensure your video is taken with a high-resolution quality. A 2017 event that looks like it was shot in 1982 may discourage your patrons from having any future moments captured ever again.


3. Write for Your Audience

First and foremost, keep it short. Your event listing should not go over 100 words. Why? Because Ahaa app users are looking for something that grabs, not demands, their attention.

An effective description includes who the intended audience is and what they should expect. If you write too much, it can turn readers off from finishing your listing. If you write too little, it may look like there is nothing to look forward to. Know what excites your audience, and give it to them.  

Before you publish your listing, double check the writing for spelling and grammar mistakes. Editing is CRUCIAL! If your description comes off as sloppy, it will leave a poor impression on potential patrons.  

Ahaa event listing with a great photo and short description. Event listing with short and sweet description
















People are looking for events and places like yours. So, let’s give them the best your city has to offer!